Healthcare Training

StoryCare® is an online simulation library for nurses and other health professions that provides easy-to-access simulation exercises for faculty to include in existing undergraduate, graduate, and clinical education programming.

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Build QSEN

StoryCare® simulations are designed to develop key QSEN competencies including Teamwork, Patient Safety, Quality Improvement, and Patient-Centered Care.

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Training Made Easy

Each StoryCare® simulation includes an audio case study, student guide, and instructor guide plus reflective discussion questions to enhance the individual or group learning experience. All you need is your laptop or mobile device to get started.

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Turn-Key Training for
Healthcare Professionals

Nurse faculty and educators use StoryCare® in all nursing programs to build communication skills, enhance critical thinking, and promote interprofessional practice. The realistic StoryCare® stories are easy-to-use, easy-to-facilitate, and available anytime via our secure learning portal.

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StoryCare® is a Trusted Brand

What Healthcare Professionals are Saying

UNC-Chapel Hill School of Nursing

“We use StoryCare® in our simulation practice.”

The QSEN Institute

“StoryCare® is a powerful approach for building QSEN competencies.”

Hospital Clinical Nurse Educator

“We’ve used StoryCare® to improve our SBAR communication.”

BSN Nursing Student

“I love StoryCare® – I listen to the stories on my smart phone.”

Professional Training at Affordable Prices

Contact us for StoryCare® faculty and student subscription pricing starting as low as $99 per subscription.

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